Hand Drawn Collection – Anagha Sarees
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Hand Drawn Collection

The word "Kalamkari" literally means "drawing with a pen". The kalamkari art is a creative, intricate form of free hand drawing using natural dye fillers. These sarees are fully hand drawn and hand painted using natural vegetable dyes. The drawings are mostly inspired by scriptures from Hindu mythology and also consist of floral, peacock and animal patterns.

Hand Painting on sarees is an unique Indian art form where the expert artists and skilled craftsmen use free hand painting to create beautiful, artistic sarees. Hand painting is a complicated process as it involves lot of precision and hard work. The paintings generally represent various Indian cultures, scenic beauties and they also consist of floral patterns and abstract designs. The paintings are also inspired from Hindu mythology and represent various Hindu dieties painted in modern art forms.

A beautiful collection of hand drawn kalamkari and hand painted sarees. These are designer sarees , they render a fabulous look when draped and are best suitable for party and festive occasions. They are best liked by women who crave for uniqueness.



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